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We are very glad to welcome you on our website. We would also like to entice you to familiarize you with our services.

About Us

OBI COMPLEX Rafał Zgoda company provides comprehensive electrical services. We have many years of experience an we operate on the Silesian market since 1992. First, as a small company mainly carrying out domestic electrical installations, today as a leader of the Silesian electrical services market.

For several years, our company takes part in tenders for public contracts. The combination of the lowest prices and quality of our services gives us an almost 100% success rate in tenders.


Electrical services market is very demanding. We are aware of this in everyday work. That is why we improve our skills and follow the latest technologies. We take responsibility for the entire investment process from design, assemble the required permits and preparation of documentation through implementation to maintenance.

The company is the people who create it. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the tasks – do not surprise us with technical solutions from the past, nor the cutting edge of technology.

Our offer

Here are services that we carry out the most often. If you are looking for a contractor’s services that were not on the list below, please contact us.


  • electrical connections
  • electrical, lightning protection and telecommunication systems
  • central vacuum cleaners
  • alarm systems
  • power supply of building sites
  • electrical systems measurements
  • rebuilding of electrical networks


  • design and costing of electrical systems and networks


  • maintenance of overhead lines and cable lines, removing trees from below the lines MV and LV
  • intervention works on overhead lines and cable lines after weather anomalies

Moreover our company provides services of renting aerial work platforms and mini-excavators. Our operators are very experienced in handling this type of equipment. All of our aerial work platforms have valid permits issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (pol. Urząd Dozoru Technicznego)

We offer the following equipment:

  • 19m lift Oil&Steel type: snake 19911 City on Nissan 120
  • 12m lift FRANCE ELEVATEUR type: 122F on Renault Master
  • 12m lift on Bison Semantec GK 12H trailer
  • Iveco hopper car 3,5 tons with HDS system
  • mini-excavator BOBCAT E320 x2 (buckets: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm)
  • mini-excavator BOBCAT E16 x1 (buckets: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm)

Example services that can be performed with help of aerial platforms:

  • maintenance, assembly and disassembly of advertisements
  • facades and windows cleaning
  • sheet-metal roofing work
  • maintenance of lighting
  • felling of trees
  • removing snow from roofs, removal of overhangs and icicles
  • filming and photographing

We provide digging services for:

  • foundations of buildings
  • septic tanks, sewage treatment
  • drainage of buildings
  • electrical and telephone cables
  • water supply, sewerage and gas
  • setts
  • fence
  • garden ponds
  • and others on request